Jugni in Sausalito, California

A day in Sausalito
There is a small heaven right across the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco (SF), a city better known as Sausalito. A day trip from the city (SF) to this heavenly place is a must do. Waterfront restaurants, cafes, bars, boutique stores, and of course, the view of the city and the islands nearby are inexplicable. Just a simple bike ride next to water is so relaxing.
Drive or Ferry?
There are two ways to get there, the drive over the Golden Gate Bridge is surely recommended but in case if you would like to experience a short trip (20-30mins) using the water route, ferry is another option. The ferries are easily accessible through the amazing Ferry Building right on Embarcadero or the famous Fisherman’s Wharf. Well, my partner and I chose to drive and of course we enjoyed great views and some amazing houses.
Here’s what to expect on the ferry
Things to do in Sausalito!

Sausailto, an amazing escape from the hustle – bustle of the San Francisco City has a lot of art galleries. It’s a perfect weekend getaway place.

Bridgeway Promenade is the main attraction in Sausalito where amazing seafood and cafes can be explored.
There is another very popular attraction, Bay Model, a 3D structure and waterfront cafes and houseboats sometimes.
There is a small cute dog park too right on the bay, the dog parents enjoy the rock on the side of water while the fur babies get to play and socialize with other dogs.
We also took a litle de-tour on our way back from Sausalito to the bay area and stopped at Hawk Hill giving extraordinary views of the San Francisco city, the Golden Gate Bridge and or course, the Golden Gate bridge. Highly recommended to check that out and take some amazing selfies / group-fies.
My partner and I have decided to take all our family and friends to this place whenever they are visiting.
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Flying Away

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