A 4-day trip to Malta during Winters (itinerary)

Malta, a beautiful Mediterranean island is lying somewhere between Africa and Europe. Turquoise water, open museums, impressive churches with a lot of historical importance sums up Malta. Bearable weather throughout the year was something that attracted me the most. Like any other country in Europe, Malta has different weather, but what my blog say here is that it has bearable and
warmest winters


Define Winters! Coming from San Francisco and originally from North India, winters were something ranging from 8-10 degrees celsius to extreme would 5-6 degrees and layering would be like a sweater or a jacket. Now, as I live in Amsterdam, the definition of winters has entirely changed. Winters means no sun to 3-4 mins of sunlight in the entire day, for almost 4-5 months. The temperature would stay the same like 1 degrees the whole day. My body gave up and in December I realized that I need to get

some sun. After a discussion with my partner, we finalized Malta with mediterranian climate and mild winters. It is said that Malta had the warmest winters. We didn’t go for Spain because it stays touristy.

Warm Welcome!

After a 3 hours flight, the sun welcomed us with 14 degrees celsius. We stayed in a hotel at St. Julians city. It was next to Sliema and Valletta.


As our main focus was to get as much sun as possible, we chose to roam around in Malta and also a few islands nearby.

Day 1 – Mdina and around

It is now a famous place to visit since it has GOT’s Kings Landing (Game Of Thrones) connection. They say a few shots were done during the first season. We were awestruck by the character in the buildings. Wandering through the streets and baroque architecture, we visited the famous St. John’s Cathedral. After that we had a great maltese meal and enjoyed the sun the rest of the day.


Mdina was 20 mins drive from our hotel.

Day 2 – Valletta, Sliema and the ferry ride!

We walked from our hotel and enjoyed our breakfast on the streets of Sliema and then took a ferry (1.5 euros one side) to Valletta. The city is quite compact and hilly so

you need to be in your most comfortable shoes to walk around. After the ferry, we climbed up enjoying the streets, churches, cafes, boutiques, to the main square

and almost got hungry again. And then we had the best Italian food in one of the restaurants after strolling through the St. George’s Square.



Day 3 – Tour to Gozo, Comino Islands and Xlendi!

We booked a tour to Gozo and Comino from tripadvisor. Honestly it was worth it. We did both in one day and had a great time. The tour people picked us up from our hotel and took us to the ferry. After a 20 mins drive and almost 30 mins ferry, we arrived at a tiny (almost untouched) island, the comino islands. The blue Lagoon just took our breath away. It was 16 degrees, so it was not at all crowded (like there was literally no one, just our ferry people). They say it gets super busy during the months of June, July and August. After spending a few minutes in water, we sat there and enjoyed the sun for 1.5 hours. Then the ferry showed us blue lagoons, the caves and crystal clear water. People

enjoy swimming, water sports and snorkelling during summer season. We are so glad we did it in the shoulder season because it wasn’t crowded at all.



After that we took off to Gozo. After 20 mins of ferry from Comino to Gozo, we hopped in a bus (part of the tour only) to enjoy the local streets of Gozo and finally arrived at the Citadel. There was a great view of the bay from the top.


It’s a small village on the island of Gozo. We were so tired from Comino and Gozo’s citadel walk that we initially thought of skipping the interesting cave hike. So thankful that we changed our minds. After a strong cup of coffee, we hiked a steep cliff and then found a cave which goes into the sea. The walk down the cave and the victory of reaching the water is inexplicable. It was a 20-25 mins hike on the cliff but the view was totally worth it.


It is accessible through various hop on tours too. Great place for natural swimming, fishing and small cute undiscovered beach area.

Sun Sun and Sun!

Sun was the best part about these 4 days. From the shivering December Amsterdam winters to the warm bright Malta’s sun made our bodies back to normal. Climbing up the streets in Valletta to wandering the architecture in Gozo helped us to take some sweat out from our pores. We feel normal again and ready to head back to the real europe winters. There were a few more summery things that we couldn’t do like Dwejra Bay, Ghar Lapsi, Marsaxlokk, etc.

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