Indian Dessert – Sponge Rasgulla (homemade recipe)

A cheese ball dipped in sugar syrup, the description is so tempting, I(Jugni) wonder how the taste would be. Sponge Rasgulla is one of the most popular desert dishes of India (majorly in Bengal). I’ve have the simplest way of preparation with just 4 ingredients. Yes, you heard it right. Let’s begin.

Ingredients for preparing Sponge Rasgulla

  1. Fresh Paneer (Indian Cheese – used for making curries) – 200 gms
  2. Sugar – 1 cup
  3. Water – 3 cups
  4. Cardamom – 3

Preparation of Sponge Rasgulla

  1. Take the freshly made Paneer (either prepare at home or buy the fresh one) and knead it for 10 mins. (JUGNI’s TIP – knead for 10 mins atleast, you will see that it remains the same, but there is some sort of magic in kneading that the balls will only become spongy if kneaded for 10-15 mins).
  2. Make small balls out of those kneaded Paneer.
  3. Place aside for 10 mins.
  4. Prepare sugar syrup by adding one cup sugar and 3 cups water in a pan and boil for 10 mins.
  5. Add 3 cardamom pods.
  6. After 10 mins of boiling sugar syrup, add Paneer balls slowly (it might break if dropped).
  7. Cover the lid of the pan and let it boil on medium flame for 15 mins.
  8. Enjoy πŸ™‚

Jugni’s Special Tip – Time is very crucial when it comes to preparing any sort of milk based desert, so be mindful of that.

Sponge Rasgulla is enjoyed specially on festivals like Diwali, holi etc but my Jugnu demands it almost every other week and since it’s so easy to prepare, I make him happy with it.

Sponge Balls

Let me know if you try it out. Would love to hear from you all in the comment section below πŸ™‚ Happy Eating!

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