5 Best Anniversary Gift Ideas

Looking out for best anniversary gift ideas for your partner? I have a list of 5 best anniversary gifts I got from my partner, my Jugnu. πŸ™‚

  1. Swarovski – My partner is well aware of my taste and things I adore the most. He gifted me this amazing piece of jewellery, rhodium plated ring with a solitaire in the centre and cut diamond on the side. It was super romantic and sparkly and goes with your every kind of outfit.
    1. Swarovski again – Yes, I am so much into jewellery that I got these amazing pair on bangles/bracelet which I wear with my traditional outfits and get loads of compliments. (Btw how do you like the Henna on my hand?) πŸ™‚
Swarovski Bracelet

2. Couple Body Massage – Do you like getting pampered? Do you like getting pampered romantically? If yes, this idea is for you. Wine, flowers, macrons, Jacuzzi and massage is everything I needed on my second anniversary. A 3.5 hour session of pampering will surely set your mood for a romantic date night.

Couple Massage

3. A Romantic Vacation – My Jugnu surprised me with a luxury vacation at Cabo, Mexico. It had everything (all inclusive) included: the spa, the candle night dinner, photo session and a personal pool. You can read everything about it here: A luxury vacation.

4. Nespresso – I am a big time coffee lover like most of us and as they say, you can swear by Nespresso, I second that. Of course Nespresso is an expensive investment, but it is truly worth it. It reminds me every morning, how much he care about my wishes and lifestyle.

5Nespresso Machine

5. Beats Studio Wireless Over the Ear Headphones – My jugnu very well knows how to touch my heart and take my breathe away. Being a music lover, he knew how to impress me on our 4th anniversary. I couldn’t thank him enough. My ears touches my soul every-time I wear them.

Beats Studio Wireless

I hope the above list gave you guys a few ideas to explore more than the cliches, and go a bit out of the box with the anniversary gifting ideas. There are a few more gifts I got like, Bose Headphones, beach vacation at Miami and a special Indian dinner cooked by him, so just go an extra mile to think what your loved one is fond of, and have always wanted. πŸ™‚ Happy Gifting!

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  1. The nespresso is a good idea! Not only it is trendy, but also something that everyone loves in the morning!


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