Oxford developed experimental Coronavirus vaccine ‘looks like’ working on Monkeys, now being tested in humans

The spread of coronavirus started in December 2019 and has been diagnosed in 3.3 million people worldwide. More than 225,000 have died of it; still, there is no approved medicine or vaccination available as per today and the governments all around the world are working day and night to conquer this pandemic.

According to the recent news from Oxford University, there are high hopes for the vaccine to be developed sooner than we expected. AstraZeneca (a British Pharmaceutical Company) has joined hands with the University of Oxford to come up with the coronavirus vaccine.

AstraZeneca Chief Executive, Pascol Soriot said,”Our hope is that, by joining forces, we can accelerate the globalisation of a vaccine to combat the virus and protect people from the deadliest pandemic in a generation”.

The Jenner Institute of Oxford University is running the coronavirus vaccine project, will receive a further funding of 20 million pounds from the government, almost all of that will be spent on the clinical trial development.

It is hopeful that coronavirus vaccine developing in the UK could be ready by September, if it works. The scientists started clinical trials on Rhesus Monkeys and the results have been promising, as per the news today. They gave vaccine to 6 rhesus monkeys, then exposed them to high amounts of coronavirus. 28 days later, the result were favorable and all the 6 monkeys showed no signs of infection.

Human trials of corona virus have already entered phase one testing, this happened last week where people in southern England, aged between 18-55 volunteered for the same.
The death number in the UK crossed 26,000.

According to the WHO, around 70 vaccines are under the development stage worldwide. Science is science and results might work or might not. Keeping fingers crossed for a better future and hoping for a victory over corona, the battle is still going on and we all are the warriors. Let’s play our role of staying in our homes, maintaining social/physical distance, and save the world.

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