Skincare in your 30’s

As soon as you hit your 30’s, your skin starts demanding attention, a little more than you think, and you scroll the internet to find a perfect solution, but the truth is there is no such thing as the “perfect solution“.
Before you realize, your skin becomes a reflection of your worries, in the form of fine lines, pigmentation, uneven skin, spots, and so on. To begin with, start having a routine, a routine with discipline, a discipline which you can’t afford to miss. Remember, this ’miss’ could make you look older :(. So, develop a habit to take care of your skin.


The whole thing is quite extensive, and I don’t really mean to scare you here. This can broadly be divided into two buckets : The Right Routine, and the Right Products. I’ll talk about the products in my next blog post. Here, Iβ€˜ll mention the routine / discipline, which is what you need to do – to let your skin breathe and stay healthy. 5 steps which I follow, the short form is CTTMP:



1 CLEANING – Cleaning your face every morning is a ritual followed by most of us, but as soon as you enter 30’s, you must also clean your face at night, before going to bed. Wipe out all the make up you wore, don’t rely on make-up removers (they are effective for sure), cleaning your skin with an effective cleanser is a must.

2. TONING – Toning is a part of cleaning, and almost 8 out 10 women I asked, skip this part. Toner helps you get rid of that lingering dirt(which leads of tough acne happening at mature age) and also provide the moisture (lost during cleansing). It should be applied (sprayed or tapped) immediately after cleansing and let the skin feel the hydration.
TIP – Make sure that the toners are free from alcohol.

3. TREATMENT – This step can be skipped if your skin is healthy and you are not using any under eye gel or acne treatment solution or spotting treatment etc. A lot of us are on some medicated treatment protocol, and this step is specifically for that product.

4. MOISTURISING – After treatment, its time for your day cream or night cream. Make sure to use a day cream with at-least 15-20 SPF to provide strength and energy to your skin for conquering the day ahead. And at night, use a cream with extra grease to allow your skin to regenerate through the night. Most of us are already taking care of this, but make sure you give yourself that extra care, while rubbing the cream, usI got circular motion with tender hands/fingers. This is a magic tip that would let your skin stay younger for a longer period of time.

5. PROTECTION – This is the important step before you complete your skincare regimen, and before you wear make-up. The protection we are talking about, is the sunscreen lotion or the β€˜SPF’ mentioned on your products. A lot of moisturisers claim that they have SPF 15, but let me warn you, the SPF needed for your skin is at-least 30*. So do make sure to not let this one slide.

The 5 steps mentioned above are a must for your skincare ritual. Skincare is a process that demands cleaning, toning and moisturising at-least twice a day. So before hitting the bed, make sure you follow step1,2 and 3 religiously :). You could also apply Retinoids creams/eye cream in the night, if your skin demands.

This blogpost is a brief description of the routine I follow to pamper my skin, and it somehow works. If you like this post, and want me to also share the products I use everyday to take care of my skin, let me know in the comments section. πŸ™‚

Also, If you have better/different solutions or routine you follow that could help my readers, Let me know of that too πŸ™‚ I would love to hear from you. Otherwise, share the post with all the lovely ladies.

Stay Beautiful!

*Source : American Academy of Dermatology

Author: Jugni

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  1. Love this post thanks! I just started amping you my routine so this is great! Love the info about the toner.


  2. This is such a helpful post! I had my first baby just a few months before turning 30… I feel like I blinked and 2 years went by. And I totally can tell in my skin! I will definitely be putting these tips to great use.


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