The Beautiful Devil’s Slide

Devil’s Slide Trail, a 1.4-mile trail in San Mateo County, was reopened to the public in March 2014 (after building a gorgeous tunnel), and soon became a trail with the most picturesque views.

In 2013, two tunnels were built to cross this Trail, which added man-made beauty to the already existing, spectacular ocean views.

Jugnu and I moved to the Bay area, San Francisco in January 2016 and witnessed the gorgeous aquamarine beauty with breath-taking ocean view after 8 months. We visited this place 5 times in 2.5 years and still can’t get over the views.

Located near Pacifica, California, you will notice sea-life, including flora and fauna, seals and whales. Sea-birds like pelicans and cormorants are the most commonly seen, and murre sea-bird is mostly mistaken by penguin. So it’s a perfect place for you if you are an ocean/sea lover.

We drove (around 50 miles) from the east bay, (Lake Elizabeth, Fremont), took CA-92W highway, and it took almost an hour to get there. The travel time would be a lil less from MTV (mountain view). Its is almost 7 miles from another famous spot, Half Moon Bay (which is our second fav weekend getaway place) and I will write about it in my next blogpost.

This multi-use trail, perfect for hikers, runners, bikers etc, is also accessible by car and has a few free parking lots (at each end of the trail) with restrooms facility. It could be a great place for a day out trip for family and friends.
There are benches along the sides where you can sit, and enjoy the eye-catching views with your loved ones. (PERSONAL TIP – It’s a super romantic place for a love proposal, Jugnu and I witnessed a few and were totally awed).

We are a family of 3, Snickey, Jugnu and myself, Sncikey is our fur baby – a 3.5 years old maltipoo, so we always search for places which are pet friendly. And yes, Devil’s Slide Trail allows you to bring your fur-love along, but on a leash.

Jugnu and I (also Snickey) miss California a lot and the natural beauty is one of the biggest reasons.
Just 20 miles south of San Francisco city, this hidden gem is California’s most magnificent driveway.

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Flying Away

Author: Jugni

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