Anne Frank’s video diary – watch all 7 episodes

Anne Frank (born June 12, 1929 – passed away February 1945) was a jewish girl who hid in one of the attic houses of Amsterdam for more than 2 years, with her family and a few more jewish people.

Anne Frank

During the second world war, Germans took anti-jewish measures in Netherlands. At that time, Anne(13 years old) with her family, left her home and hid in one of the attics in Amsterdam, Netherlands. She wrote letters to her best friend (fictional) in her diary, which was gifted to her on her 13th birthday.

The book, titled “The Secret Annex” was published on Anne Frank’s diary, in 1947 which is one of the most widely read books worldwide.

Now in the quarantine times, a web series on V(video) dairy of Anne Frank has been released. The series about, what if Anne had been a vlogger, is trying to connect with the hearts of all us (people) now staying back home in isolation due to the Corona.

There are 15 episodes posted on YouTube (shared below and on next pages) which touched so many hearts. Second world war was a very hard time, Anne described her days how she feared the noises on the streets and wondered if she (with her family) was caught by the germans.

It’s is relatable to the generation today since everyone is stuck at home, and also gives the strength to stand tough during these times.

Note that the online series is available in 60 countries except in the US because of copyright restrictions.

Sources : Wikipedia, NYTimes

The first episode of Anne Frank Video Diary “My Best Present” (Click on the next page to watch the next episode)

Anne Frank Video Diary Episode 1

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18 thoughts

    1. It’s so unfortunate that it’s not available in the US. For me it was so precious because I live in Amsterdam and worked right across the street from the hidden house (which is a museum) ..


    1. Hi Surabhi, that’s unfortunate, which do you live?
      It’s so beautifully recorded that I couldn’t help writing and sharing with my readers. I feel lucky to be living in Amsterdam and witnessing the (now museum) hidden house.
      You can read the book “the secret annex”. I hope its available.


  1. Too bad, it’s not available to play in the US. But I read the Anne Frank Story when I was very young, and it had a profound impact on me. I’ve been to Amsterdam since, to see the house and environment for myself, and it gets very real when you are actually in those rooms.


  2. This is amazing. Hopefully they find a way to bring it to the US because I would be beyond interested to watch!


  3. This is a great story and perfect for the current situation in the world right now. We all can relate.


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