Sonos Arc has arrived – with the new Dolby Atmos

The high-end wireless sound system has introduced a new sound-bar, Sonos Arc at $799 with an addition of Dolby Atmos, but this is not it. Sonos has also updated its Play:5 speakers, which are now named as “Five”.

The mission statement of Sonos says “Fill every home with music by creating the ultimate in-home music experience“, but Jugnu misread it – misunderstood it (to be specific) and filled our home with Sonos Playbase, Sonos 1 Hay’s Edition, Play 1s and Sonos Move. My point here is that with this news, a few households might go upside down (including mine). Lockdown, Sonos Arc getting launched, Jugnu at home finding empty spots to fill, looks like a perfect opportunity for some addition to HIS Sonos family (yep, I refuse to be a part of it).

Coming back to the new arrival home theater (?) product, has great aesthetic value (too). It is a long (35.4 inches), sleek (5.5 inches deep) and smart speaker with round edges; and is also capable of “3D soundscapes” with the support of the Dolby Atmos. The Arc replaces the older version of soundbars (Playbase and Playbar), as the Arc has far-field microphones which allows you to command via Alexa or Google assistant.

For better alignment with recent products, the newly named “Five” will now have faster processors and increased memory. But it doesn’t come with the far-field microphones – so no Alexa and Google assistant. The cost will be $499 for the “Five”.

The product (Arc) available in 2 colors, black and white, will go on sale on June 10th.

All the best to your finances, if anyone in your household is a Sonos addict like my Jugnu.

Flying Away 🐝


Author: Jugni

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