3 days in Adelboden, Switzerland

Jugnu and I spent 12 days in this heaven known as Switzerland, out of which these 3 days were in Adelboden, very little known small town but has a lot to offer. Our hotel(The Cambrian) had the most amazing views and it was surreal.

Adelboden is a traditional Swiss village, which is a hidden beauty and rarely visited by tourists. We were mesmerised by everything, below is a glimpse of what we added to our Swiss land memories.

Travel time to Adelboden

We arrived at The Cambrian Hotel (a minute walk from the bus station), after a 3 hours journey from Wengen. We changed 3 trains and one bus but it wasn’t hassle at all, every train/bus was well timed and there was least trouble in changing platforms (most of them were the same).

Travel PlacesTransportationTravel Time
Lauterbrunnen-Interlaken Ost116-Y train15 mins
Interlaken Ost-SpeizTrain SBB30 mins
Speiz-FrutigenTrain SBB15 mins
Frutigen-AdelbodenBus35 mins

“All the trains, buses, and most of the cable car transportation were covered in the Swiss pass”

Day 1 at Adelboden – —– Valley/Mountain

Our hotel(The Cambrian) gave us free cable car pass and free bus transportation around the town (although we already had the Swiss pass, but cable car was a gift from the hotel). 5 mins walk from the hotel, we arrived at this cable car station, (it was so empty, no tourists at all), we hopped on one of the cable cars, (three cable cars runs together every 20 mins, I would recommend to sit in the third car to enjoy valley views) we arrived on the top of the mountain in 10 mins.

We enjoyed the Giant Swing, Jugnu got scared from height but it wasn’t that scaryπŸ˜„, it is right on the top of the mountain and the views were thrilling and exciting. It is an amazing ski destination, since we visited in August (Summers), we enjoyed the green valley (the entire valley is covered with snow in winters). We also saw a hiking trail, but it was our first day in Adelboden, so we kept it low, and took the last cable car down at 5:30pm.

We then enjoyed a cup of coffee and I fulfilled my sugar cravings at this great cafe, The Tea Room.

Day 2 at Adelboden – Engstligen waterfall

It is accessible by cable cars and public transportation plus some hike, but Jugnu and I rented an e-bike to go there. It took 1.5 hours (we were super slow and did loads of photography on our way), the last stretch was a bit rocky, but it was thrilling, we walked along the bike a few times, because biking down in steep mountains is scarier than ever.

We then came back and enjoyed some pool time at our hotel, and enjoyed the sunset.

Day 3 at Adelboden – Oeschinen Lake

We took the bus from the bus station, right next to our hotel and arrived at Kandesteg in exactly 1 hour. 10 mins walk later, we took the cable car (got 50% off on our Swiss pass) and arrived on the top of the mountain. After that was the 30 mins hike, there was also an e-shuttle (8 euros per person, runs every hour), if you didn’t wanna walk, but it was quite easy.
Oeschinen Lake is a hidden lake and very less touristy as compared to Blausee (which we saw on our way to Oeschinen (from the bus), Blausee is very much accessible which makes it more touristy.

Just to give you a better idea about this serene place, here’s a video link :

Oeschinen Lake

Lastly some food pics ❀️

I will soon share my 12 days trip in another blog. Switzerland has so much to offer that one blog is just not enough.

Keep Rocking.

Flying Away,

Author: Jugni

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